Vendor Assessments

Vendor Assessment

Why It's Important

If your company utilizes contact centers or lead generators to assist with its marketing efforts, it's important to ensure they meet the relevant federal and state requirements. Non-compliant activities conducted by third party vendors on your organization's behalf could put your organization at risk. Reasonable due diligence measures are required to ensure compliance with contractual and legal requirements.

How We Can Help

A vendor review by CompliancePoint can give you peace of mind regarding the activities conducted on your behalf. Our experts have years of experience with contact centers and lead generators and understand the requirements as they impact your organization. We can assist your organization in implementing reasonable compliance due diligence strategies that work to reduce risk and show clear evidence of your company’s efforts to comply.

Contact Centers

CompliancePoint's team of experts can visit the contact centers and perform an audit to ensure their practices do not put your company at risk of violations or even losing current or prospective customers.

Our team will conduct an assessment on your behalf regarding the elements of:

  • Call abandonment
  • Caller ID display
  • Calling/Texting time restrictions
  • Disclosure requirements
  • DNC or DNT suppression
  • Record keeping

The audits can also be conducted prior to your company contracting with a call center, as a single project, or on an annual basis to ensure ongoing compliance efforts to meet safe harbor and to demonstrate your company's due diligence.

Lead Generators

While lead generators can be a great source of leads, there are many compliance requirements companies should ensure they adhere to prior to purchasing leads.

Our team will conduct an assessment on your behalf to ensure that your lead generation partners are:

  • Generating leads that meet the federal requirements for an established business relationship
  • Generating leads that meet the prior express written consent requirements of the TCPA
  • Maintaining the necessary records as legally and contractually required

If your lead generators are phone verifying/qualifying leads or conducting warm transfers, our team will also ensure the lead generators' calling activities are not putting your company at risk.

Ongoing Monitoring

Rather than a one-time assessment that gives only a snapshot of vendor activities that may be putting your business at risk, CompliancePoint's team can also work with you to implement a customized, ongoing monitoring and enforcement program to ensure their activities are within the legal requirements as well as your business and brand guidelines.
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