Telemarketer Registration Analysis

Telemarketer Registration Analysis

Why It's Important

If your company markets via inbound or outbound B2C, or even B2B, phone calls, you're most likely required to register as a telemarketer in certain states. Numerous states also require telemarketers to purchase that state's Do Not Call list.

However, several exemptions from the telemarketer registration requirements exist and differ by state.

Therefore, a thorough analysis can help determine which states in the organization's geographical footprint or calling territory may require telemarketer registration, where exemptions do not apply.

How We Can Help

CompliancePoint takes a holistic approach to the registration requirements and the exemptions available to ensure the applicable exemptions are claimed and the organization moves forward with registering in states as required.

Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis that includes the following:

If you already know in which states you need to register, let us take the tedious work of the registration process off your hands.
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