View Regulatory Information In New Ways

Get access to current and easy to find regulatory information and compliance guidance.

Get access to RegInfoHub's unmatched regulatory & compliance information

RegInfoHubTM is our new online tool that lets you research and view regulatory information in new and productive ways. Use RegInfoHub to easily find federal and state regulations, organize and understand compliance requirements, and track regulatory news and updates.

  • Leverage Accurate & Timely Resources

    How can you meet compliance without compromising effective customer engagement? RegInfoHub's vast and unmatched content and practical guidance give you the tools you need to build a sound engagement and compliance strategy. RegInfoHub consolidates federal and state legal opinions and statutory references specific to customer engagement compliance. This includes, but is not limited to, up-to-date TCPA, TSR, CAN-SPAM, and state regulations.

  • Find Information Relevant to Your Organization

    Whether you're looking for specific statutes, enforcements, legal opinions, or guidance, it helps to focus on the jurisdictions relevant to your organization's reach and contact activities. With RegInfoHub, you can create customized tables based on topic and jurisdiction (location) relevant to the organization. Plus, the solution allows you to access diagrams that outline the specific process flow of certain requirements. RegInfoHub gives you the ability to quickly and easily access and sort information of interest and relevance to your business activities and geographic reach.

  • Enjoy An Easy & Intuitive Design

    With RegInfoHub, quickly finding regulatory information you need has never been easier. Its user-friendly design allows you to easily navigate the platform to find real-time, relevant information. Save time and money with topical and jurisdictionally-driven information in a single location.

  • Consult With Top Compliance Experts

    With so much information at your fingertips, how can you make the most sense of it for sound conclusions? It can be difficult to keep up with rapidly evolving and less familiar compliance requirements. Seasoned compliance consultants can help you develop a compliance program and customer engagement strategy that best suits your organization. As an eligible CompliancePoint retainer client, you will have access to the experts to help you turn valuable information into actionable strategy.

  • Track News, Updates & Enforcements

    The regulatory landscape is constantly changing. How can you be among the first to know about new developments, gain insight and take action? By receiving timely notifications and updates relevant to the information within RegInfoHub, compliance professionals will have the most timely and accurate information at their fingertips on an ongoing basis. Additionally, you will have access to the most recent enforcement activities by industry and enforcement type (text, DNC, email, prerecorded messages, fax, etc.). By having relevant enforcement information available, you can analyze information that helps you put compliance risk and potential penalties into perspective.

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