PACE SRO Preparation & Audits

PACE SRO Preparation

Why It's Important

The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE), the only non-profit trade organization dedicated to the advancement of companies that use a multi-channel approach to engaging their B2B and B2C customers, offers a comprehensive self-regulatory organization (SRO) program.

An SRO is an organization that contributes a portion of regulatory authority with governmental oversight bureaus in particular industries or professions. The PACE-SRO is the only comprehensive organizational telemarketing compliance program in existence.

The PACE-SRO standards meet or exceed high risk requirements according to the federal and state-specific regulations and consumer protection rules. An SRO Accreditation is invaluable in establishing an affirmative defense as well as a market differentiator.

How We Can Help

CompliancePoint proudly serves as PACE's audit partner for the PACE-SRO Seal of Accreditation.

Companies interested in becoming PACE-SRO Accredited can utilize CompliancePoint's consulting services to prepare for the audit and complete the self-assessment.

Once companies have completed the self-assessment, CompliancePoint will conduct an onsite audit to verify adherence with the PACE-SRO standards.

There are four distinct steps in the PACE-SRO process:
  • Subscription & Self-Assessment

    The PACE-SRO program is supported by an online portal that contains all the SRO standards, audit methodologies and evidentiary requirements. The portal facilitates the organizations "self-assessment" and provides for compilation of compliance related documentation such as policies, procedures, training and monitoring programs.

  • Independent Audit Conducted by PACE's Audit Partner

    After performing the self-assessment, the company must undergo an independent audit according to the PACE-SRO standards performed by PACE's audit partner, CompliancePoint.

  • Application for Accreditation & Company Accreditation

    After a successful independent audit, a verification of compliance is conducted by PACE's General Counsel based on the detailed onsite audit. Once verified, the Accreditation is issued.

  • Ongoing Compliance

    Once a company has successfully achieved PACE-SRO Accreditation, the company enters the ongoing compliance phase. To ensure companies remain in compliance after the Accreditation is awarded, a re-accreditation audit is required every 3 years after the Accreditation is initially awarded.

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