Lead Generator Monitoring

Lead Generator Monitoring

Why It's Important

Companies that utilize third parties to assist with their marketing programs are responsible for ensuring that the third party lead generators gathering leads on their behalf act in a compliant manner. Specifically, ensuring the consent requirements are met will help protect your organization’s direct risk.

How We Can Help

CompliancePoint can help you develop a formal monitoring program that will allow you to focus on growing your business in a compliant manner.

Your lead generators that may put you at risk by providing leads that don't meet the requirements for prior express written consent or an established business relationship exemption. Express and written consent as well as inquiries obtained from consumers must be specific to your company. CompliancePoint can work with you to develop a program that protects your company by ensuring you'll be able to defend your company if complaints ever arise.

Our lead generator review programs cover areas such as:

  • Required consent and/or disclosure language
  • Disclosure placement, font color, and size
  • Lead exclusivity
  • Record keeping
  • Phone verifications

Are your lead generators compliant in each of those areas? If you can't confidently answer "yes," we can help! Through our monitoring program, you get the assurance that your lead generators are operating within full regulatory compliance as well as following your company's policies.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our assessors and consultants are experts in the focus areas as they pertain to customer contact compliance.
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