Health Information Privacy Audits

Health Information Privacy

Why It's Important

With the increasing shift to electronic records management and use of EMR systems, more and more Americans are becoming victims of healthcare data breaches. Thus, how medical information is treated by Covered Entities and Business Associates has been heightened in the information security field. Healthcare organizations are required to assess, remediate, validate and maintain ongoing compliance activities.

How We Can Help

CompliancePoint provides the expertise, process, procedures, and technology required to do this effectively! We understand the challenges that healthcare organizations face and offer a comprehensive Healthcare Risk Management Program. Our team of qualified experts will help you earn certifications and meet requirements relevant to HIPAA, HITRUST, HITECH, Meaningful Use, and MARS-E. Let us help you avoid any costly surprises due to non-compliance!

CompliancePoint's assessments related to Health Information Privacy include the following:

HIPAA Assessment

Maintain compliance with the HIPAA Privacy & Security rules and the HITECH Act.

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HITRUST Certification

Earn the most widely recognized security control framework in the healthcare industry.

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Meaningful Use Risk Assessment

Meet financial incentive requirements through a comprehensive review of your systems and infrastructure.

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MARS-E Assessment

Meet the security compliance requirements as outlined by the Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MARS-E).

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Security Risk Assessment

Uncover network vulnerabilities and deficiencies that may be putting your IT environment at risk

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Managed Security & Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into security threat and non-compliant issues through threat monitoring, log reviews, and continuous automation

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Business Associate/Vendor Compliance

Gain visibility into the risk associated with the Business Associate relationships employed downstream.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Our assessors and consultants are experts in the focus areas as they pertain to the various health information privacy requirements.

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HIPAA Assessment

Get Verification of Compliance. Avoid Costly Surprises.

Our HIPAA Compliance Program assists in establishing and meeting the requirements by assessing the general and application control requirements throughout Covered Entities and their Business Associates’ various business functions.

We follow these processes to protect against internal and external threats:

  • HIPAA Assessment - CompliancePoint’s team of experts will conduct a comprehensive onsite risk assessment. This includes an evaluation of your organization’s regulatory status based on security standards, administrative safeguards, technical safeguards, organizational requirements, policies & procedures, and documentation requirements. The report developed is based on the findings outlining any deficiencies and will include the steps needed to remediate them.
  • Remediation - CompliancePoint does not just provide a gap analysis and walk away. Our team creates a customized Remediation Project Plan based on the findings, enabling your organization to track its progress. Covered entities and business associates can then correct the identified deficiencies with internal resources or outsource that work effort to CompliancePoint. CompliancePoint provides security consulting, network design, technology evaluation and selection, policy and procedure development, and IT integration and configuration services.
  • Validation and Reporting - Upon completion of deficiency remediation, CompliancePoint conducts a final audit review and issues a report of compliance. The report gives authorities, partners, and leadership proof of your organization’s compliance validated by a nonbiased third party.

Meaningful Use Risk Assessment

Assess Multiple Requirements with a Single, Comprehensive Audit.

As required to qualify for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive program, Hospitals and Eligible Professionals are required to demonstrating Meaningful Use. This requires undergoing a security risk analysis and correcting any identified deficiencies discovered.

However, many healthcare organizations struggle to understand the application of Meaningful Use and the other quality measurements, reporting, and financial implications created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

CompliancePoint's HIPAA Risk Assessment process also helps organizations meet Meaningful Use requirements. Our process includes a comprehensive review of EHR systems, IT infrastructure and the operating environment for e-PHI.

Our HIPAA Risk Assessment gives visibility into how proficient the organization is at protecting the integrity & confidentiality of e-PHI and how to minimize the associated risk.

MARS-E Assessment

Meet Compliance Requirements. Protect Patient Information.

Following the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, federal and state health insurance exchanges or HIXs were established. As a result, compliance requirements are now in place focused on the security of computer systems handling patient/healthcare information. These requirements are known as Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MARS-E).

CompliancePoint's MARS-E assessment process helps state-sponsored HIXs reach compliance with the MARS-E framework. Our experts can help you assess your current compliance status, develop the necessary policies and procedures, and develop an action plan for remediation and ongoing compliance.

Business Associate HIPAA Compliance Monitoring

Gain Peace of Mind. Give Peace of Mind.

The "dual liability" that Covered Entities share puts added pressure on them to maintain compliance throughout their partnerships.

CompliancePoint provides third party compliance monitoring of Business Associates by performing an initial gap assessment, maintaining ongoing (daily, monthly, quarterly and annual) compliance tasks and preparing audit documentation for planned and unplanned audits.

Although Business Associates now have a contractual liability to Covered Entities for HIPAA compliance, going through CompliancePoint's monitoring and certification process serves as a competitive differentiator. It demonstrates your organization’s commitment to quality and compliance which puts Healthcare Providers' minds at ease.

CompliancePoint Business Associate (BA) monitoring includes the following steps:
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