Customer Engagement Policy & Procedure Development

Policy & Procedure Development

Why It Matters

Written policies and procedures clearly define the organization's guidelines for avoiding non-compliant activities and reducing consumer complaints. More importantly, having written policies documenting compliance procedures is an element of Safe Harbor under both the FTC and FCC.

Documented policies and procedures are essential components to support a successful, ongoing compliance program. Having formalized policies and procedures in place provide clarity to employees as well as a layer of defense against liabilities associated with misconduct or error.

They are also a clear indicator of what your organization complies with, how it complies, who is responsible for compliance and how you monitor and enforce adherence. This is exactly what the regulators will ask you for in the event of a civil investigative demand or inquiry. These written procedures can also be instrumental in class action defense.

How We Can Help

We have amassed years of experience in the development of comprehensive compliance policies and procedures that are specific to organizations and their third party relationships. We know that finding the time and manpower to develop formal, written policies and procedures can also be challenging. CompliancePoint has a thorough process that can take care of this for you!

Our experts can help you develop, implement, maintain, and revise policies and procedures for the operation of a comprehensive compliance program and its related activities.

Our experienced consultants can help your organization with the following compliance policies and procedures:

  • Agent Cell Phone Use Policies
  • Allowable Call Attempts Policies
  • Comprehensive Compliance Guidelines
  • Critical Path Analyses
  • Do Not Call/Text Policies and Procedures
  • EBR Suppression Procedures
  • Email Opt-out/Unsubscribe Procedures
  • Escalation Plans
  • Record Keeping or Retention Policies
  • Script Adherence and QA Procedures
  • Social Media Communication Policies
  • And more!
Webinar: Essential Components of the Compliance Manual
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