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Compliance Training

Why It Matters

If your organization markets via phone calls, text messages, fax, mail, or email, are you sufficiently training your employees and vendors on the compliance requirements, policies, procedures and contractual obligations?

The federal rules, and many state rules, require companies to provide compliance training to their employees and vendors that cover these activities.

How We Can Help

CompliancePoint has developed and implemented compliance training programs for companies in a variety of industries.

These training programs will give your organization peace of mind knowing that your marketing and other outreach activities are not exposing you to risk.

However, if your company already conducts training but you're not sure it's sufficient to meet the requirements, CompliancePoint can review your existing training program for adequacy and provide recommendations for improvement.

CompliancePoint offers training services in multiple formats such as:

  • Instructor-led classroom training at the CompliancePoint offices
  • On-site training at your facility led by an experience CompliancePoint expert
  • Course content developed by CompliancePoint for your training platform
  • Content developed and launched through our web-based training platform, ComplianceWise

CompliancePoint has combined its subject matter expertise and technology to offer a comprehensive web-based training solution - ComplianceWise. Through ComplianceWise, you will be able to offer completely customizable compliance training to your staff.

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"The federal rules, and many state rules, require companies to provide compliance training to their employees and vendors that cover these activities"

ComplianceWise provides the following benefits:


ComplianceWise is a centralized repository for all training content across your enterprise and ensures consistent delivery of course content. The tool offers an unlimited number of training cozurses to meet your compliance needs and allows employees to take training when it is convenient with their schedule and at their pace. The training tool will also allow you to set deadlines and send reminders to ensure employees complete training as required.


If you select the ComplianceWise web-based tool, you can take advantage of these features:

  • Customize the on-screen look with your company logo and background colors
  • Your company name in the URL
  • Interacvtive and engaging content through a variety of training media including video, audio, Flash, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Customized courses created by our experts based on your unique business processes and compliance requirements


CompliancePoint offers a wide variety of topics covering current consumer regulatory legislation including the following:

  • US federal Telemarketing Rules
  • State Do Not Call (DNC) list & registration requirements
  • Wireless ↦ TCPA compliance
  • Canadian DNC laws
  • CAN-SPAM requirements
  • CASL requirements

Record Keeping

ComplianceWise facilitates your required regulatory training, measures each user’s performance, and maintains training records. Further, the training tool will provide your management team with the ability to access and document training records and user reports.

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