Complete Data Security Monitoring

Complete Data Security Monitoring

Why It's Important

The problem most organizations face is the complex nature of Advanced Persistent Threats. These threats require sophisticated tools and knowledge to detect and prevent. However, with all the security tools available, none of them can be truly successful without proper implementation and monitoring. Organizations often don’t have the expertise, time, or manpower to implement them.

How We Can Help

Our years of information security expertise will help your organization effectively combat these issues.

Through our partnership with AlienVaultTM, CompliancePoint has developed a Complete Data Security Monitoring service that provides effective security threat intelligence combined with the knowledge and support of our experts.

CompliancePoint installs, configures and tunes this unified security solution and provides the threat intelligence and manpower needed to effectively monitor and alert your organization in the event of malicious activities. CompliancePoint offers both business hours monitoring and after hours alerting of any potential threats or critical security events.


CompliancePoint’s Complete Security Monitoring Service Includes:

Asset Discovery

Active and Passive Network discovery tools

Determine what systems are connected and communicating on your network

Vulnerability Assessment

Active network scanning and continuous vulnerability monitoring

Preventative measures that remediate known vulnerabilities of systems connected to the network

Threat Detection

Network and Host IDS and File Integrity Monitoring

Monitor network traffic entering/ leaving the network and identify key system files for tampering

Behavioral Monitoring

Netflow Analysis, Log Normalization, and Service Availability Monitoring

Validate and analyze normal activity to automatically detect anomalies that indicate malicious activity


Log Management and SIEM Event Correlation

Integrated with Open Source Threat Exchange to stay on top of newly discovered threats

Our Areas of Expertise

Our assessors and consultants are experts in the focus areas as they pertain to information security and protecting data assets.

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