Cloud Compliance Audits

Cloud Compliance

Why It's Important

Cloud and hosting environments are a viable option for organizations who seek solutions to address their compliance requirements. Just as on-premise compliance solutions require plenty of planning and hard work, so do their cloud counterparts.

Issues of cloud compliance are gaining awareness as the dependence on cloud services increase. Cloud and security groups and experts have come together to put compliance standards and best practices in place such as the Federal Risk and Authorization Program (FedRAMP) standards required by government or federal agencies and the Cloud Security Alliance's (CSA's) best practices for ensuring a secure cloud computing environment.

How We Can Help

Whether you're a CSP obtaining the FedRAMP certification, reaching the CSA’s best practice standards, or simply assessing your cloud’s security and compliance status, we can help!

CompliancePoint offers Cloud Compliance services that provides a seamless approach to achieve and maintain compliance requirements. With this program, cloud & hosting providers can have a competitive advantage and value-added service by providing their customers with a secure and compliant solution.

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CompliancePoint's Cloud Compliance Program is a complete bundle for managing your customers' security control requirements.

Components of the comprehensive Cloud Compliance Program include the following:

Compliance Assessments

Compliance Assessments assist management in establishing requirements for state and federal agencies by assessing the general and application control requirements throughout an organization's various business functions.

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Network Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing Services

These services ensure that the network is secure and are a necessary step for compliance with various Industry and Regulatory standards.

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Policies & Procedures

Every organization needs written policies and procedures that clearly define the company's methods for protecting in-formation and data assets.

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Daily Logging & Monitoring

CompliancePoint will design and implement a log management solution that fits your regulatory log retention requirements. The design will ensure that devices log the required informa¬tion, the logs are consolidated in a secure central repository and that the logs are automatically moved to near-line or offline storage for worry-free long term retention.

Security Awareness Training

Employees who are not trained or generally aware of infor¬mation security can be the weakest link in your organization. Many industries require a continuing employee education program and proof of performance.

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