Call Recording Audits

Call Recording Audit

Why It's Important

As evidenced by the recent enforcements regarding unfair and deceptive sales practices, failure to provide prospective students with the required, accurate disclosures can result in severe penalties. Admissions practices can be a tremendous source of risk and abuse.

How We Can Help

CompliancePoint's call recording audits help schools develop a defendable position by having the audits conducted by a nonbiased third party. Utilizing a nonbiased third party adds credibility to a school’s audit program, should the school ever undergo a federal or state investigation.

CompliancePoint will verify your admissions representatives provide prospective students with the federal and state-required disclosures, along with the disclosures required by your school.

CompliancePoint will work with your school to develop a scoring system that will accurately reflect the performance of your admissions team, while also auditing for adherence to your school's disclosure requirements. Ultimately, the program is completely customizable to meet your school's needs and your school will have final approval of the scoring criteria.

When high risk issues are identified, CompliancePoint will notify your school immediately, so the issue can be remediated in a timely manner.

We can help you identify and mitigate risk
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