Call Center Monitoring

Call Center Monitoring

Why It's Important

The federal rules REQUIRE monitoring of vendor activities. Thus, companies that utilize third parties to assist with their marketing programs are responsible for ensuring that the third party call centers placing calls on their behalf act in a compliant manner. Ensuring the requirements are met will help protect your organization from direct risk. Companies must avoid the accusation that they knew, should have known, or consciously avoided knowing of non-compliant activities.

How We Can Help

CompliancePoint can help you develop a formal monitoring program that will allow you to focus on growing your business in a compliant manner.

Are your call center vendors adhering to the following requirements:

  • DNC suppression
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Internal DNC request management
  • DNC policy fulfillment
  • Call abandonment
    • Call abandonment message
    • Call abandonment rate
  • Caller ID
  • Calling time restrictions

If you can't confidently answer “yes” to each of these items, we can help! Through our monitoring program, you get the assurance that your vendors are operating within full regulatory compliance as well as following your company's policies.

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